Keep the hot air where it belongs

Aluminum-Window_Deteriorated-CaulkOne of the easiest ways to keep your electric bill low is, keep the hot air where it belongs. If you want to stay cool inside while its hot outside, then here are a few tips.
1. Caulk around your windows on the outside of your house. Weather it’s a brick house or a wood frame, even if there’s only a small hairline crack between the window and the brick/wood. Seal it up with a clear silicone type caulk.
2. Caulk around your windows on the inside of your house. Caulk where the wood meets the aluminum window frame. Is yours already caulked? Ok then caulk around the window seal where the sheet rock meets the window trim. Also caulk the corners of the window frame. ANYWHERE you can caulk then put some caulk.
3. Think caulking is hard and messy? Think again. Put the caulk on slow and wipe with a damp paper towel. The towel smooths the caulk and gives it that professional look. It also cleans up really easy.
4. You can do this before or after your caulk. Test your windows by lighting a match and blowing it out. While the A/c unit is running light a match and hold it up around the window seal and see if its pulling air into the house.
Older houses were built with the idea that houses needed to breath. Well they don’t, the big problem is that new houses built today aren’t built much better. So there you go. Theres som actionable advice. For very little money and very little effort you can seal up a portion of your house.


Gas or Electric, keep your water warm .


Water Heater blankets are a quick and easy way to start saving money fast. The average water heater is set to around 140 Degrees. If the water heater is in a closet in your house the air around it is typically 72 degrees. Now not to get too deep into detail Heat energy travels toward cold energy. So knowing that, you need to try to put something between your cool air and the hot water. Here are a couple ways to do that.

  1. Buy a water heater blanket. Buy it on line or at your local big box store. These are usually between $15-25. Its quick and its easy, I dont know that any blanket is any beter than the next one.
  2. Wrap it yourself. If your a do it yourself kind of person, I know I am, if you have some fiberglass insulation laying around the house and some duct tape your ready. Wrap your water heater with the insulation and tape it with duct tape. Try not to wrap it too tight, or tape it too tight. Insulation works by forming air pockets, so dont squeeze the insulation.

Some experts say that this can save you up to 10%. I believe thats a little high but even if they are wrong 5% is still a good savings and will pay for your blanket in just a matter of months. Thats pretty good considering the blanket will probably last you the life of the water heater.

Now I have a question. Have tried something to lower your bill and did you see a difference? Leave an answer or any questions below and Ill do my best to answer.