It doesn’t work don’t buy it

radiant barrier ceiling

radiant barrier ceiling (Photo credit: van wagner-skrzat residence)

Radiant barriers are an amazing product, if you don’t get ripped off. There are a lot of “radiant barrier” products out there, all claiming to be the best. Which radiant barrier do you choose? Maybe I can help shed a little light on what to look for. One way to tell a good product from a bad product, Good radiant barriers go on your roof decking (right under your plywood that the shingles are nailed to). Bad radiant barriers lay over your insulation on your attic floor. Now this product typically looks like bubble wrap made with aluminium foil. This product doesn’t work, and typically is sold to you buy a guy offering a free steak dinner if you will come watch a demo of the product. That’s a sure sign of a bad product. These bubble wrap type products DON”T reflect the radiant heat like a smooth shiny product would. Even if they did attach it to your roof decking its not going to reflect much if any heat. According to the government for a reflective barrier to work it needs to be “draped” under the rafters with no less than 2 inch gap between the barrier and the roof decking.  The product works just like aluminum foil that you cook with.  It needs to be smooth and shiny.  Its not going to have the reflective quality if not.  The barriers with air pockets like bubble wrap look like they would work great, air is a good insulator. The problem is it doesn’t reflect, and the air pockets aren’t big enough to actually insulate anything.  So remember if it doesn’t go on your roof decking like in the picture, its not going to work.  You have to stop the heat before it fills the whole attic space.  If you have any question comments or blog ideas email me at


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