4 quick money saving tips

There are a lot of things you can do to save money on your electric bill. Some tips are easy to accomplish, some are more difficult, and some require a professional. My tips today will be some you can do on your own. They don’t require a lot of money or time.
1. Fix, replace or install weather striping around your doors. Your doors and windows are the biggest problem for sealing up your house. You can get all different types at your local hardware store. If you have metal doors they make a magnetic type that works great. If wood there’s a foam type. All types basically peel and stick. It’s very easy to install.
2. Don’t turn your thermostat up while your away. Turning it up some is ok, but turning it off or way up will require your unit to work twice as hard later.
3. Don’t shut off some of your vents. The vents or registers should stay open all the way, or at least cracked open a little. You’d think if your not using a room, if you shut off the register and shut the door it will make it cooler in the rest of your house. Well that’s not true. Your a/c unit and your ductwork is specifically designed for your house. If you shut off registers it’s basically like holding your hand over the end of a hair dryer. It’s forcing air back on the fan making it work harder, therefore running up your electric bill. Also if you close the door to a room there needs to be a gap between the carpet/floor and the door. If the carpet is snug against the bottom of the door when the door is closed, it’s the same principal as shutting the vent.
4. Get unplugged. We’ve all heard this before. Unplug unused items in your house. Items like a coffee maker and computers draw power even when they are off. Other items are just as important to unplug, like phone chargers, TV’s, lamps. Basically anything plugged in should be unplugged. Now I understand its almost impossible to do this everyday, but getting in the habit of unplugging will help lower your bill. These are 4 quick easy tips to make a difference. Now I need something from you. How much was your last electric bill?